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Services Mud Logging and Wellsite Geology

  • Drilling Parameters

  • Fluid Analysis in Wellhead Production Tests

  • Integration of Information into Composite Logs

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Petricore offers a geological and operational information integration platform that allows you to make timely decisions to optimize the drilling of oil and gas wells.

Our wellsite services division offers the first assessment of the geological formations, data necessary to successfully perform exploration tests and integration of new oil and gas reserves.

We perform logging, monitoring and control of the activities carried out during the different stages that take place drilling exploratory and development wells to make the appropriate decisions, as well as to verify and validate the geological model of the area under study.

We offer the drilling parameter monitoring service consisting on logging, analyzing and interpreting the data curves obtained during the drilling of oil wells using specialized sensors, which record the data in real time. Monitoring is intended to provide job security, optimize times and costs, and support the evaluation of projects previously planned by the client.

Petricore has specialists in Geology and Paleontology to carry out the activities of geological-paleontological control during the drilling of exploratory, delimiting and development wells. With this activity, a control of the actual geological column is produced and the correct depth of casing settlement is ensured.

We perform fluids evaluation from the areas of interest to be tested for commercial purposes. This service is performed on the well site to provide support to the client and make the most convenient decisions are made at the right time. This information is very valuable for the evaluation of future or existing wells.

We provide both onshore and offshore pressurized mud logging units that comply with international regulations. The units are fully equipped and ready to support you along every different stage of your projects.

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