Senior/Junior Artificial Intelligence Architect/Specialist

Trondheim, NO

The human's future depends on our capacity to stop emitting CO2 to the atmosphere while keeping growing to reduce poverty and improving the quality of life in developing countries. In this scenario, technologies such as Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) and more efficient O and G production will play a very important role. The derivation of rock properties from high-resolution images (Digital Rock) is a disruptive technology in that it can fundamentally change the way rocks are characterized. Petricore is an international services company and is divided into three divisions; Laboratory Services (LS), Wellsite Services (WS) and Digital Rock Analysis (DRA). Petricore Norway is one of the leaders on developing the Digital Rock Technology.  Artificial Intelligence methods are rapidly growing in importance. We are seeing more and more amazing AI work being done from image processing, home automation and mobile apps, to financial trading and shipping logistics. We are looking for someone passionate and deeply excited about thechnology development, who can complement our team of high-performing professionals. As a AI specialist, you will design solutions that leverage our services and drive costs down, making this technology affordable for more and more users.  You must have deep technical experience working with technologies related to artificial intelligence and deep learning. A strong mathematics and statistics background is preferred, in addition to experience building complex neural models.  Candidates must have great communication and technical skills. In our interdisciplinary/multi-cultural teams, you will get the opportunity to work closely with for example software engineers, reservoir engeneers, geologist and web designers, influencing their roadmaps and driving innovation.

AUG 1, 2019

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Basic Qualifications:

  • Experience using and adapting to new technologies
  • Deep experience in design/implementation/consulting experience of Machine Learning/AI/Deep Learning solutions
  • Strong understanding and experience in the field of AI and related technologies, including deep learning and overall machine learning concepts
  • Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms such as clustering and classification algorithms and especially neural networks (CNN, RNN etc.). Having worked with both structured and unstructured data in the past to gain effective insights.
  • Strong technical architecture, design, deployment and operational level knowledge of AI platforms, standards, protocols and devices
  • 5+ years professional experience in software development in languages like Python or C++


Preferred Qualifications:

  • PhD or Advanced Degree in data science or machine learning space
  • Interest in the academic development around neural networks and machine learning general. 
  • Deep experience developing AI models in real-world environments
  • 3+ years hands-on experience working with cloud/virtualization platforms
  • Experience communicating effectively across internal and external organizations, for complex mission-critical solutions

What we offer:


  • Competitive salary
  • Working in and international enviroment
  • Participate on the development of a disruptive technology
  • Close interaction with academic enviroment

AUG 1, 2019

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