Geological Characterization Services

Rock and fluid analysis services in the laboratory and at the wellsite

Core store services

Generating Knowledge Together: At Petricore, experts in the operation and administration of core stores, we are proud to be our clients' technical allies, ensuring CNH regulatory compliance and contributing to the Mexican State in the generation of new knowledge of the subsoil. With more than 40 years of experience, we enhance the value of physical samples through practical solutions.

Physical sample preparation and delivery services

Petricore provides comprehensive services in compliance with the regulations issued by the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) related to the use and delivery of information to the National Hydrocarbons Information Center (CNIH).

Our highly skilled personnel are responsible for washing, processing, packaging, and labeling drilling cuttings, classifying them into various types such as lithology, paleontology, and geochemistry, in accordance with CNH requirements. Additionally, we take care of inventory management, identification, box labeling, and packaging of cores cut into sections of 1/3" or 2/3" diameter, sidewall cores, plugs, and thin sections, following CNH-established guidelines. We also ensure the safe transfer of physical samples from our laboratory to CNH’s core stores facilities, maintaining the highest security standards to preserve sample integrity.

Our comprehensive service includes technical collaboration with the client and the creation of various deliverables required by CNH to meet regulatory compliance.

Services of administration and operation of core stores and consultancy to regulatory bodies

At Petricore, we provide comprehensive solutions in the management and operation of core stores, leveraging our proven expertise in integrating rock and fluid samples for the national repository. We take care of the cataloging, processing, and digital archiving of cores, plugs, drill cuttings, and thin sections. Additionally, we offer diverse consulting services to facilitate the development and implementation of applicable regulations for the delivery and use of physical samples. Our focus is on delivering efficient and precise sample management, ensuring optimal access, and compliance with established regulatory standards.

Trust Petricore to deliver reliable and specialized solutions in the administration and preservation of core stores, backed by our extensive experience in the field.

Our collaboration with the core stores includes:

  • Development of specialized infrastructure and equipment.
  • Establishment of processes and regulations for the use, consultation, and reception of physical samples.
  • Standardization of technological components to manage services related to physical sample inquiries.
  • Transportation and/or relocation of physical samples to the facilities where they will be safeguarded.
  • Visualization and examination of physical samples, core plugs, thin sections, and drilling cuttings.
  • Sampling of core plugs and preparation of thin sections.
  • High-definition imaging of cores and thin sections.
  • Management of information related to Exploration and Hydrocarbon Extraction activities.
  • Access to a comprehensive set of additional laboratory services.
  • Rocks digitization.

Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to enhance the management and accessibility of physical samples, as well as provide a wide range of specialized services to support the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons.

Success Story

Petricore manages the core stores of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), located in Hidalgo and Yucatan, Mexico, where geological samples from over 14,000 drilled wells are preserved. Each location has a storage capacity of 1,000,000 conventional boxes.

In both core stores, the CNH offers basic petrophysical laboratory services, geological laboratory studies, rock mechanics, advanced rock properties, reservoir engineering tests, reservoir fluid analysis, and sample evaluation. These studies and analyses are conducted by our experienced team of specialists, located in our laboratory in Villahermosa.

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