Geological Characterization Services

Rock and fluid analysis services in the laboratory and at the wellsite

Análisis Multiescala

Análisis Multiescala

Modelos de Red de Poros Multiescala

Modelado 2D-3D

Laboratorio Híbrido/SCAL Digital

Digital Imaging

SEM/MAPS Mineralogy

SEM and spatial mineralogy mapping

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images allow us to make a detailed characterization of the material surfaces with a focused beam of electrons. Different imaging techniques give qualitative and quantitative descriptions of:

  • Representative features, such as: overview images, texture, heterogeneity.
  • High-Resolution features: interparticle features, clay structures, pores, organics, diagenetic features
  • Mineralogy: Automatic classification of the different minerals provide detailed information on the composition and spatial distribution of the different pore-scale structures
  • Morphological images: Wettability changes (asphaltene precipitation), Formation Damage



Digital Rock Analysis

Image Processing

Advanced image processing tools are applied to transform a greyscale image, such as a micro-CT scan, into a labeled model which facilitates calculation of rock properties. Artificial intelligence is implemented to maximize the value of digital images, from increasing the image resolution through accurate segmentation of pores and minerals. Images of different modalities (2D-3D) and different states (3D-3D) can be spatially registered to extend the information derived from digital images. 2D to 3D registration is typically SEM images registered to micro-CT volumes for increased image resolution, while 3D to 3D registration allows for generating difference images (3D porosity maps) from micro-CT images acquired with and without a contrast agent in the pore space.

  • SuperResolution
  • Image Segmentation
  • Image Registration
  • Rock Typing

Petrophysical Properties

Multiphase Flow Simulations

Complex Flow Studies

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