Geological Characterization Services

Rock and fluid analysis services in the laboratory and at the wellsite

Wellsite services

Optimize your drilling project with our wellsite services. Our comprehensive approach challenges non-productive times and incorporates geological excellence, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and supporting informed decisions with expert geological validation.

Mudlogging and real time drilling parameters

Through mudlogging, monitoring of surface parameters and the integration of information from different disciplines, alerts and recommendations are generated for the optimization of drilling, resulting in the reduction of costs, risks, and geological uncertainty during the development of the project. Our main objective is to detect, locate and evaluate the intervals with accumulations of hydrocarbons that represent economic interest for our clients, but we also support the efficiency of the operation and monitor for safety.

Surface fluids analysis

Petricore has sophisticated equipment for the evaluation of fluids from the horizons to be tested for commercial purposes, in oil wells under the international quality standards ASTM-4007, ASTM-1298, ASTM-1796 and U.O.P.-22 and serve as customer support, at the wellsite, to make the most convenient decisions at the right time, avoiding having the drilling equipment on standby and consequently saving valuable time.

Chemo-stratigraphic analysis

Through the study of the changes in the chemical composition of the inorganic fraction of the rocks, Petricore provides fluorescence spectrometry service on drilling cuttings for the determination of stratigraphic relationships through the study of the elements that make up the rocks (XRF), obtaining as a result the operational assurance of the projects in which we participate.

Paleontological control

Petricore has experienced paleontologists that provide wellsite services, accurately determining geological ages, formation changes and sedimentary environments to verify and validate the geological model of the study area.

Core preservation service

The core management and preservation service at the wellsite is a critical phase of the analytical program. The good quality of the data obtained during the laboratory tests is strongly linked to the correct technique of preservation and management of the cores in well.

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