Geological Characterization Services

Rock and fluid analysis services in the laboratory and at the wellsite


From the well to the heart of the reservoir

Petricore has certified facilities and laboratories for managing and executing specialized projects and large-capacity jobs. In addition, we are supported by a network of strategic alliances to ensure that any scope of work, no matter how demanding or extensive, can be achieved by Petricore.

oil industry geology services

Benefits of Our Services

Unmatched Expertise: Petricore's team boasts decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Our knowledgeable and skilled professionals provide accurate and quantitative measurements of reservoir properties, making us your trusted partner for critical decision-making.

Comprehensive Suite of Services: We are committed to serving you at every stage of your projects, from wellsite operations to reservoir lifecycle support, including core analysis, drill cuttings, outcrop samples and digital rock analysis. ​

Cutting-Edge Facilities and Technology: Our laboratories utilize state-of-the-art instruments and equipment. Combined with our specialized and experienced staff, we deliver accurate and reliable results in a timely manner for geological services and core analysis.

Tailored Workflows and Customized Solutions: Our customer-focused approach underscores our commitment to effectively address specific needs. We collaborate closely with clients to create tailored workflows and solutions for each unique challenge, adapting our services to the specific requirements of each region and project to ensure effective results.

Global Reach: With offices across various regions, including Mexico, the USA, and Norway, we offer both local expertise and a global perspective.

Vision for Innovation: Petricore maintains a forward-thinking vision to become a global leader in rock characterization, driven by innovation:

  1. Integrated Digital Characterization: Development of integrated digital characterization services. Our dedication to advancing industry knowledge is reflected in our commitment to developing these services.
  2. Hybrid SCAL Programs: By combining laboratory core analysis with digital rock analysis, we enhance the understanding of reservoir properties, striving for technological advancements in the field.
  3. Academic Synergy: Through close collaboration with academia, we are dedicated to advancing the understanding of storage and flow properties of reservoirs, seeking to contribute to scientific knowledge within the industry.

Strategic Alliances: Recognizing the importance of teamwork and a multidisciplinary approach, we have established strong partnerships with industry leaders. Together, we work hand-in-hand to enhance collaboration for our customers and achieve shared goals.



Rock and fluid

Discover the physical properties of your reservoirs through the analysis of rocks and fluids, backed by state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience.


Optimize your drilling project with our wellsite services. Our comprehensive approach challenges non-productive times and incorporates geological excellence.

Digital rock

Petricore is the pioneer of digital rock technology, and through decades of continuous research and development, we stand at the forefront of delivering quality digital rock analysis.

Core store

Petricore provides comprehensive solutions in the management and operation of national core stores, leveraging our proven expertise in the integration of rock and fluid samples for the national inventory.

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